Azeco Cosmeceuticals

Your preferred partner for the highest grade of azelaic acid
for skin- and haircare

About Azeco Cosmeceuticals

Azeco produces the highest grade of azelaic acid specially development for cosmetic applications. Founded in 2014, Azeco has a proven track record as a reliable supplier with outstanding customer service together with the highest quality product. 

Azeco has selected world’s best source of azelaic acid and the most experienced business partners in skin and hair care. Our mission is to fulfil customers’ needs for high quality azelaic acid with an efficient, reliable, and always customer-first focus. 

When quality and reliability come first

We operate by the standards of numerous federal and international regulatory agencies. Azeco Cosmeceuticals priorities quality, safety, and responsibility for people and the environment. 

Azeco, the standard for azelaic acid in Cosmetics

• Micronized
• High purity; > 99,0%
• ISO 9001
• From 1 kg – 100.000 kg

Our unique solution

Skin Lightening

Azelaic acid is beneficial when used
for skin lightening and brightening or to maintain under control any
hyperpigmentation process.

of acne

The use is highly favorable when compared to the traditional anti-acne ingredients. It can replace benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. It doesn’t entail any adverse effects.

of rosacea

Azelaic acid has been demonstrated to be
effective for the treatment of rosacea. It can
replace the usage of antibiotics.

Stimulates hair growth

Azelaic acid is a well-known inhibitor for 5α
reductase. It stimulates hair growth and it
can substitute minoxidil.

Reduces redness and hyperpigmentation

Azelaic acid has the ability to even out the
skin pigmentation, improving the tone and
decreasing the redness thanks to its antiflammatory properties.

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Fast, reliable and worldwide delivery

We deliver prompt from stock, from CIP Airport to delivery at your door (DAP). Our Azco99 is stored under controlled conditions in a modern equiped and certified warehouse in the Netherlands.

We can arrange shipments by air through an own controlled office at Amsterdam airport.

A delivery rate of 95% within a lead time of 2 weeks guarantees arrivals at your place in time.