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Skincare trends autumn 2021


Summer is coming to an end and slowly everyone is getting ready for autumn and winter. In an inspiring blog about autumn and winter skincare trends from Global Cosmetic Industry, it is pointed out that maskne is also still a common skin condition that we will have to deal with. 

Meaning of maskne

“Maskne,” or mask acne, is a rising problem that consumers and formulators alike are trying to tackle. Many individuals, especially health care workers, are wearing face masks for longer periods of time than ever before. These extended hours in the warm environment within the mask and added friction from wear can cause breakouts and sensitivity on the face.

It is well known that azelaic acid is extremely effective against skin conditions such as maskne. If you are in the process of developing new products for skin disorders, you should definitely consider the option of adding azelaic acid to your products. We are happy to list the benefits: 

– Anti-inflammatory

– Decreases skin production of keratin

– Clearing pores 

– Gently encouraging cell turnover

– Side effects such as burning, dry and peeling skin are much less for azelaic acid than more commonly known ingredients.

You can use azelaic acid in products that fight against:

– Skin prone to Acne 

– Redness from Rosacea

– Dark spots and hyperpigmentation

– Hair loss 

– Dull skin and skin impurities

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