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In the serie ”Customers of Azeco” we share the stories from our customers. Why do they work with Azeco’s Azepur99® azelaic acid and what kind of products do they make with it?

Mecmo Pharmacy is located in Maryland and is run by Otis Cleveland, PharmD. As a Pharmacist, who worked for many years in well-known pharmacy chains, 5 years ago he started a new adventure and opened his own independent pharmacy. Together with his team, he formulates and prepares products, specializing in dermatological and podiatry needs.

The power of azelaic acid

Otis was then introduced to the power of azelaic acid. ”Several dermatologists asked me if I could formulate products with azelaic acid, so I started looking for a supplier and found Azepur99® from Azeco Cosmeceuticals”, he explains. ”The dermatologists often refer patients to my pharmacy to receive products formulated for them, sometimes as the dermatologist indicates and often a compound that I suggest”, he continues.

Extended own formulations with azelaic acid

Mecmo Pharmacy offers a variety of skin- and haircare products with azelaic acid: for anti- acne treatment and rosacea through creams and foams, but also a lotion and ointment for hairgrowth. Mecmo Pharmacy’s products can be ordered online and are already sold to 5 surrounding and overseas states. Otis has exciting expansion plans for the future and hopes to increase the online sales to skin- and hair care customers in more US-states in the coming years.

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