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Allergens Statement

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Azco99 is manufactured from a high oleic sunflower oil. These oils described in studies as “highly refined” do not demonstrate a significant hazard to allergic individuals, as shown in studies using the “gold standard” for food allergy diagnosis, the double-blind placebo-controlled food challenge any ingredient derived from such highly refined oil.” This is due to the very low content of residual proteins of these oils. Azco99 is not tested with respect to allergens which require labeling according to the Annex II of the regulation 1169/2011 EC on the provision of food information to consumers and to the Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA of USA) of 2004. But at the best of our knowledge, in consideration of the used process and raw materials, this product does not contain any of the ingredients (and their derivatives) listed in these regulations:

  • Gluten or its derivatives;
  • Celery and derivatives
  • Crustaceans and derivatives;
  • Eggs and derivatives;
  • Fish and derivatives;
  • Lupin and derivatives;
  • Milk and derivatives;
  • Molluscs and derivatives;
  • Mustard and derivatives;
  • Nuts and derivatives;
  • Peanuts and derivatives;
  • Sesame seeds and derivatives;
  • Soybeans and derivatives;
  • Sulphur dioxide and sulphites.

    In consideration of the used process and raw materials Azco99 does not contain any of the 26 fragrance allergens listed in Annex III of the Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009.
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