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In the serie ”Customers of Azeco” we share the stories from our customers. Why do they work with Azeco’s azelaic acid and what kind of products do they make with it?

A few months ago we were approached by Joyce van Dam, the founder of Bumpalicious. She was in the final phase of setting up her company and was looking for a reliable supplier of azelaic acid. From that time, Bumpalicous has been a valued customer of Azeco Cosmeceuticals.

Joyce, started her company because she saw so many women struggle with the same problem: ”They start feeling insecure when their body and skin are changing during their pregnancy”, says Joyce.  

Setting up your own product line has many challenges, one of them is finding the right raw materials for the formulation. Joyce continues, ”At Bumpalicious we only use ingredients that directly benefit the skin or support my formulations. That’s how I’m able to deliver the highest levels of performance. I found that with Azeco. They supply me with the highest quality azelaic acid, a safe ingredient to use during pregnancy and breast feeding and to help overcome hyperpigmentation and hormonal acne, two common skin problems that are pregnancy related.”

The mission of Bumpalicious is ”To make you love your reflection when you’re expecting.”

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