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About Azepur99®

Azepur99®: Top grade azelaic acid for cosmeceutical applications.

Azepur99® stands for:

• High purity 99%

• European origin

• Vegan

• Reliable deliveries

• Technical support and customer service

The starting material for the production of Azepur99® is high oleic sunflower oil. 

General Characteristics

Azepur99® is a free flowing micronized powder for cosmetic application.

Appearance white to slight yellow crystal powder.
Chemical description 1,7-heptanedicarboxylic acid.
Cas no. 123-99-9
EINECS-no. 204-669-1
Origin 100% vegetable 
Origin INCI name Azelaic acid.
Azelaic acid  GLC min.99,0 %
Acid value (mgKOH/g) 585 – 610
Water & Impurities max 0.5 %
Melting point 103-110 °C

Packing options:

  • Packing drum of 10 kg net, with PE-inliner bag.
  • Packing drum of 1 kg net, with PE-inliner bag.

Shelf life minimum 4 years when stored properly.

Content3.6 L34 L                
Net weight1 KG10 KG                
Height171 mm449 mm                
Diameter136 mm295 mm                


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In drum of 1KG and 10KG


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