Azeco Cosmeceuticals

A sustainable solution

Azeco Cosmeceuticals is committed to being your preferred partner in innovative and high performance natural-based azelaic acid designed for a sustainable tomorrow.

  • Vegetable starting material
  • Environmental friendly production technology
  • Made in Europe
  • Ecocert and vegan approved

We acknowledge our economic, social and environmental responsibility. Sustainability is very important for our company. Our products are derived from vegetable oil.

Ecologic footprint

The development of a cosmeceutical product, that is transparent to consumers and respectful of the environment, is a major challenge for all players in the sector.

During the development of a cosmeceutical product it is important to be as transparent as possible. We attach great value to the environment and our stakeholders.


We happily to share our knowledge with you

We happily share our knowledge with you

Visit our library for a unique selection of azelaic acid data. It consists of reports on azelaic acid, its use, effectiveness and general characteristics.
In addition, you will also find information about products, sales, delivery data and technical reports.

For research and formulation purposes we are pleased to sample companies in the cosmeceutical industry. Request a free sample to test the efficacy of Azepur99® yourself.